Sunday, November 1, 2009

Letter to me, from Myself at Eighty-Years-Old

Another joyful and profound exercise. Here's an amazing letter to me (at age 39) from myself at age 80, with gratitude:

Dear Carin at thirty-nine,

You are absolutely wonderful. Do you know this? You are so full of love and generosity and creativity. You've brought so much joy to the world already, and this is a big year for you.

You can absolutely trust your intuition. You are the divine intelligence, and all you need to do is quiet down and listen.

You have nothing to worry about, ever, my dear. Do you hear what I say? All of life is supportive of your dreams. All doors open naturally for you. Mr. Wattles was right: you need never feel disappointed. You have a miraculous and blessed life. Every moment is gold. Do you remember writing that?

Keep writing. Keep sharing your nuggets of creative wisdom. You are a mouthpiece for the flow, joy and fun of the divine.

Keep studying and being in the Certain Way. Increase is what's true. Just keep hanging out in that vibration. It is vibration rather than the logical mind that has you remain dialed in thus and that exponentially and effortlessly, molecularly affects those around you.

Keep dancing and keep throwing dance parties, but don't worry about throwing them all the time. A few times a year could be plenty.

Do travel with your Airstream.

Never feel guilty. Following your heart will always lead to the greatest good. Your heart is inseparable from that!

Never feel shame for your loving heart or your worldly or physical desires. Never ever shame yourself, beautiful child. You bring only love into this world and people are grateful for it.

You will always be surrounded with love. You will have extraordinary loves and spectacular partners and ultimately the true love of your life. There's no rush and no hurry. All is perfectly aligned and you are in the perfect position to receive.

Call on me if you're ever concerned, beautiful child! I'm here to tell you:

It's nothing but blessings.

I don't think I need to encourage you to travel because it is in your very soul. But I will remind you to do it - and everything my dear - with absolute freedom and abandon.

You are here to celebrate, as are all beings, in their way. You're just clued into it.

You are remarkably powerful.
Don't let this scare you, my sweet.

It is the infinite power of God! You are so blessed to know this and radiate it.

If there's one thing I can get instilled in you, it's this:
You can relax.

Your dreams are God's pleasure and He's working overtime on your behalf.

Your instinct to love is right on. All is cared for. All is abundant. All is lucrative. All is effortless!
There's nothing to fear, ever.

I love you with all my heart, dear child, and I'm with you all the way. Every moment. Every step. It's all gold, and it's an absolute peaceful, dreamy, groovy, ever-expanding blast.

Love, love, love,

Carin, yourself at eighty

SMOOCH! XOXO! You're the best!

P.S. She told me later: for sure, stay at nice hotels.


  1. I LOVE this!!!!! You are the sweet of all sweethearts.

  2. Yeah, stay at nice hotels! Amen __/\__