Sunday, November 1, 2009

Artist's Prayer

What a gift to have an assignment to write and recite an Artist's Prayer. I'm grateful to the great Wallace D. Wattles for his coaching (via his masterpiece The Science of Getting Rich that absolutely goes hand in hand with The Artist's Way. I'm quite certain Julia C. has read him, too . . . ).

Please feel free to recite, share, and/or create your own.

To you, with love:

Dear Lord,
May I welcome your perfect love.
All you create is perfect.
May we know ourselves as that.
May we know ourselves as vessels
of your Love, for we are inseparable
from You.
Remove all sense of guilt
and instill freedom,
freedom that we may celebrate,
for we are born uniquely
celebrate the mystery and magic
of creation.
Remove all blocks to knowing our
and in our knowing may we
mirror this ultimate joy to all.
May our freed creativity
bring only love and celebration
to this world,
generating peace, joy and the deepest fun.
May all know that we're
deeply supported in your loving care,
that we are perfect
and that the world welcomes our
unique creations.


And I assert, this [scribbling and coloring and finger painting (and not-shown are the puffy animal stickers we put on) on Beth's living room wall] is the direct result of this work and specifically the above prayer, with gratitude:

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