Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Am Green

(From the Color Schemes exercise in Week 8)

I am green, fresh, new,bright, alive, growing.
I am the life-giving vitamins in your smoothie &
     the sweat-wicking tent flaps of your skirt.
I am the t-shirt and shell-necklace of the
     man behind the counter & the mix-
     matched faded cement floor at
     Cherrywood Coffee House.
I am the emerald in the earrings your 16-
     year-old boyfriend gave you, making your
     Mom sad & I'm the forest of
     the velvet Laura Ashley dress she got you
     for Christmas.
I am the prom dress you designed & left
     in a heap on the floor after the
     black-tie wedding, sneaking into his
     empty house & stirring up fights.
I am the trees pouring their love on
     you & everyone who drives, walks or
     swims beneath them.
I am green. Sometimes the dress of the
     sea, with my cousins, blue, brown &
I am the buds you smoke, covered in
     gold and red hairs.
I am your eyes.
     I am your eyes.
          I am your eyes.

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