Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Week 1: Letter to the Editor in My Defense

To Whom it May Concern:

Lay off your harsh criticism of Carin. She isn't and hasn't - and won't - do anything wrong. As with all of God's children, Carin is a character being lived by life. She is open to love and to relaxing and being awake. She wants to rest and needs and deserves rest. She also deserves much higher pay and less work. She deserves to be turning away jobs she doesn't feel interested in, and she deserves to be honored and celebrated for what she creates. She ought to be in high demand. I see it coming down the bend. Carin's beauty is in her willingness to be transparent and to explore life through her own ups and downs - especially her downs. That is, she reaches inside for the beauty within, the pearl inside each shell, the jewel in the lotus. Even in her darkest times she is touching the sweet, tender, and solid core of the space where only true comfort comes alive. Carin is willing to breathe into this, even if she doesn't prefer it. So, give her a break. Quiet her mind and open her heart. Let her relax and know that every move - EVERY single move - is Divine and is none other than that. May all God's children know this. May we all be blessed to relax with our hands off the wheel and ever-angled toward abundance. Restful, peaceful abundance. Let her always know that her heart is pure, her love is pure, and her curiosity and shyness are as well. She's bringing such sweetness, and it's all she wants to do. Infuse her with music, art, speaking, writing and grace. None of us can do wrong.
Very sincerely yours,

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